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Hair removal

Lycon precision waxing – the luxury waxing treatment at The Therapy Lounge. Some treatments, like waxing, are a necessity rather than a pampering treatment but we don’t think that should mean it can’t still be a luxury experience.

We use Lycon wax, the market leader used around the world by top spas and salons, available in a range of strip or hot waxes in a variety of delicious fragrances to give you the most effective, most hygienic and least painful wax you’ve ever had!


Half leg:
Strip wax £15.50 / Hot wax N/A

Three quarter leg:
Strip wax £19 / Hot wax N/A

Full leg:
Strip wax £21 / Hot wax N/A

Full leg and bikini:
Strip wax £26 / Hot wax £30

Standard bikini (outside pant line only):
Strip wax £10 / Hot wax £15

Three quarter bikini (getting braver!):
Strip wax £12 / Hot wax £17.50

1st Brazilian (small landing strip):
Strip wax N/A / Hot wax £40

Maintenance Brazilian (every 4 weeks or 1st price is charged):
Strip wax N/A / Hot wax £30

1st Hollywood (all off!):
Strip wax N/A / Hot wax £45
Maintenance Hollywood (every 4 weeks or 1st price is charged):
Strip wax N/A / Hot wax £35

Strip wax £10 / Hot wax £12

Top lip:
Strip wax £5 / Hot wax £6.50

Strip wax £5 / Hot wax £6.50

Strip wax £8.50 / Hot wax £10

Top lip, chin and brow combo:
Strip wax £13.50 / Hot wax £18


An ancient eastern method of hair removal using a strong cotton thread, removing hairs of any length quickly and efficiently, giving a very defined result on eyebrows. Good for those allergic to wax or with sensitive skin.

Eyebrows £10
Upper lip £5
Chin £5
Lip, chin and brow combo £17

Electrolysis – permanent hair removal

5 minutes £6.50
10 minutes £10
15 minutes £14.50
20 minutes £18
30 minutes £24