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Massage & holistic treatments

Lava shell massage
Combining the smoothness of polished shells with relaxing heat, melting into the muscles to relieve tension.

Full body – 60 mins
Therapist £65
Back, neck and shoulder – 30 mins
Therapist £33

Thermal stone massage
Using the power and warmth of volcanic stones to penetrate deep into the muscles, helping to ease aches and pains. A deep massage, excellent for arthritis and tired and tense muscles. Pure indulgent relaxation for full body and face.

Full body and face – 1 hr 30 mins
Therapist £65
Back, neck and shoulders – 30 mins
Therapist £33

Deep tissue massage
A deeper massage ideal for after sport/exercise helps with muscle relaxation and reduces the build up of lactic acid in the legs, back, arms etc.

Deep tissue massage – 30 mins
Therapist £33

Deep tissue massage – 45 mins
Therapist £45

Swedish body massage
Using pre-blended oils.

Regular body massage – 60 mins
Therapist £44

Deluxe body massage – 1 hour 30 mins
Therapist £55 – As above plus includes face and scalp

Back/neck and shoulders – 30 mins
Therapist £27.50

Chest/face and scalp – 30 mins
Therapist £27.50

Indian head massage – 30 mins
Therapist £27.50
Working on upper back, face and scalp – relieves stress and tension for well-being.

Reflexology – 60 mins
This is an ancient treatment. By working on the pressure points of the feet, we can help to stimulate your body’s own natural healing system. This treatment is fantastic for stress and general relaxation.

Hopi-ear candelling – 45 mins
A natural and relaxing therapy used traditionally by the Hopi Indians. Excellent for anyone who suffers from sinusitis, headaches, migraines, head colds, glue ear, hayfever or excessive wax. It is completely painless and helps to rebalance the ear by drawing out impurities. A relaxing and natural alternative to syringing.

Body treatments

Purifying glycolic back treatment – 45 mins
Therapist £33
The ultimate deep cleansing back treatment for uneven skin tone, dry patches, spots and blackheads. Ideal before holidays and weddings for those strapless dresses! This treatment is complemented by a relaxing scalp or hand massage.

The velvet skin treatment – 30 mins
Therapist £27.50
Dry, dead skin cells are removed and a hydrating emulsion is applied to reveal soft, silky beautiful skin. Ideal before and after tanning.

The velvet skin massage treatment – 60 mins
Therapist £50
This treatment will ensure dry skin is exfoliated away before you enjoy a full body massage and finishing cream to suit your skins needs. You will be left with velvet smooth skin and feel totally relaxed.

Ultimate Indulgence relaxing back treatment – 1 hour
Therapist £45
This complete pampering treatment begins with exfoliation of the back then warm massage oil is drizzled onto your skin before heated volcanic stones massage deep into your aching muscles. Finally a relaxing mask is applied to the back to clear congested skin and relieve muscle tension.