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Lash and brow treatments

Classic Lashes* **

The most natural lash extensions, one lash is applied to each one of your own lashes.

Full set Approx 90 mins £55
2 weeks infill £27.50
3 weeks infill £36.50

SVS Lashes* **

Giving a full & fluffy look using hand made fans of 2-6 lashes of different lengths applied to each one of your own. Can be tailored for a more natural or fuller look.

Full set Approx 120 mins £65
2 weeks infill £33
3 weeks infill £42

Russian volume Lashes* **

The fullest, fluffiest lashes created by applying hand made fans of 3-8 lashes to each one of your own. Can be soft & fluffy or dense & thick to suit your style.

Full set Approx 120 mins £70
2 weeks infill £35
3 weeks infill £45

If you have less than the expected amount of lashes left on when you attend for an infill then the full set price may be charged.

LVL lash lift* **

Therapist £50* / Senior £55*
LVL stands for length, volume, and lift. The stunning alternative to eyelash extensions! LVL has been designed to enhance your natural eyelashes by straightening them rather than curling to create the illusion of longer, thicker lashes.

For one night only

We stock strip lashes by Tatti lashes and Primalash, loved by make up artists and celebs alike made with mink and human hair.

Purchase to apply yourself at home £8.50

Lashes inc professional application
Therapist £16.50 / Senior £16.50

Why not complete your look with make-up applied alongside your lashes for a night out?

Only £30 for lashes and make-up

Bebe brows

A bespoke salon high definition eyebrow treatment includes thorough consultation; custom blended tint, a variety of hair removal techniques
& application of Bebe brow make up. We’ll even show you while we apply to help you achieve your chosen brow look at home.

Brows* **
Therapist £27.50* / Senior £27.50*

Bebe brows & LVL combo (Saving £12.50)
Therapist £65 / Senior £70

Henna brows* **

Henna is a natural product which is ammonia & peroxide free, perfect for sparse/patchy brows as henna stains the skin behind the hairs helping to give a fuller look. Lasting up to 2 weeks on the skin & 8 weeks on the hair-much longer than normal tint. Our treatment includes brow mapping & shaping.

Therapist £33 / Senior £33

Henna & LVL combo (Saving £13)
Therapist £70 / Senior £75


Eye brow tint**
Therapist £8.50* / Senior £10*
Eyelash tint**
Therapist £17* / Senior £20*
Eyelash and brow tint**
Therapist £20* / Senior £23*
Eyelash and brow tint with brow wax (Saving £10.50)**
Therapist £25* / Senior £27*

*A patch test is required prior to any treatment
** Not suitable during pregnancy