Project Description



Massage therapy
Tailored to suit your needs! Therapeutic Swedish, light, moderate or firm pressure, stretching and many other expert techniques all melded together to bring comfort and health to your hard working body.
Longer massage treatments include a maximum of 30 minutes per area.
30 minutes     £30     |     60 minutes     £40

15 minutes add on £8.50

Upgrade to thermal stones 30     minutes     £35    |     60 minutes    £45

Deep tissue massage
Deep tissue massage is a particularly effective treatment for anyone suffering with muscle pain or injury as it helps reduces the build-up of lactic acid.
30 minutes    £36    |    45 minutes    £48

Ultimate indulgence back treatment £60
A facial for the back. This ultimate pampering treatment begins with a cleanse, followed by an ex-foliation to remove dead skin, then a warm candle oil is massaged in using heated volcanic stones to ease those aching muscles. A de-congesting mask is applied to help clear congestion. Treatment is finished with a luxurious hydrating moisturiser. Includes scalp massage.
Ultimate indulgence for mind and body.
1 hour

Indian head massage    £25
A specialised massage technique that works on pressure points to stimulate the movement of blood, lymph and oxygen. Helps to relieve stress and tension.
30 minutes

Full body pregnancy massage    £40
Pregnancy is a natural condition which can give rise, quite normally, to a range of symptoms that can be helped by massage. Pregnancy massage is a natural and safe way to help relieve backache, headaches, muscle aches and pains. It will help reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue, aid digestion and help with the discomfort of fluid retention.
A relaxing massage that can be enjoyed from 12 weeks of pregnancy onwards.
60 minutes

Pre pregnancy package    £75
• Full body pregnancy massage
• Express facial
• Gel toes
2 hours 45 minutes

Post pregnancy package    £75
• Back, neck and shoulder massage
• Express facial
• Gel fingers
2 hours 15 minutes

Pregnancy back, neck and shoulder massage    £30
30 minutes

Pregnancy massage    £40
1 hour 15 minutes

Had the most amazing Deep Tissue massage by Becka. The staff are very welcoming. The treatment rooms are very relaxing. I will definitely be booking in again in the future.”

Tracey Martin, Facebook